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The Garland made out of starched Khadi cloth has been a locally developed product which is in great demand.

Products like Over coats for industrial use, uniforms and petticoats are stitched at the tailoring section.

Artificial Jewellery is also made in small quantities by the VTC.

The greeting cards carry the pictures of artwork done by the children and are sold in all units of BHEL and other industries during the New Year.

The end caps are used by BHEL and are made through the Injection Moulding Process.

Flies, Envelopes of different size and tags are made for use by industries.

The Khadhi garland in different stages of production.

Paper Bag is prepared in small quantities for industrial consumption.

Paper Cups are prepared by the children of VTC for sale to BHEL.

Pickles made of Lemon, Mango and Gooseberry are in great demand.

Appalam in different stage in production.