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Arivalayam – The Alayam (Temple):

As any other day the sun rises and the day begins.

As does the sun the day moves and a special school  in BHEL Township begins its day.

Arivalayam located in the heart of BHEL Township, Trichy, is a Special School and Rehabilitation Centre for children with special needs.   It remains the hope of several hundreds of families and is indeed a home for these children who with their different abilities to make them self-reliant to carry out their daily chores and to gain a rightful place in the world filled with competition.

This institution born in the year 1977 is the abode of mentally challenged young children. The school accommodates mentally challenged children.

Genesis and Introduction:

Arivalayam – is a school with a difference. It all began when the plight of a three year old child in a pre-primary school in BHEL Township came to the notice of the Management of the giant Public Sector Organisation Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. The child was always seen isolated from the group and made no attempt to join in the fun and frolic of the other children. On further probing it was found that there were a number of such children in and around Township who required special education. The result was the establishment of Arivalayam in 1977 - A School for the Mentally Challenged children by the management of BHEL with technical support from CBM - Christophel Blinden Mission of Germany.

Nature of training and Service by the institution:

Objectives of Arivalayam: